Yogi Mentor

So your teacher training is over, now what?

Struggling to fill classes?

Want to earn more from teaching?

Don’t worry, help is at hand. I have years of experience running a successful yoga studio, teaching one to one, leading retreats, and running teacher training’s.

If you choose to work with me we can tailor a program for you to get what you want from your teaching and take your business to the next level.

I am here to support you with the unique approach of using Ayurveda alongside business and yoga advice.

The Birth of Yogi Mentor

Having taught yoga for over a decade, hosted workshops, retreats 1-1 session, run foundation courses for teachers, attended thousands of hours of extra training ( post a 60 hr foundation and a 500 hr ttc) it suddenly dawned on me that I had only ever attended one retreat for myself….and that was only because I won it in a competition.
All this yoga, all this knowledge, all the advice I would give clients and students…all whilst running a home, raising three children, I even run Red Tents and self-care groups and courses for women,… but where was my self-care, where was my support network?

Often I found myself not asking for help as ‘I should know all this” what kind of a teacher and example would I be if I couldn’t do it all on my own, if I didn’t have the answers for myself? And the thing is I did have all the answers, I did have all the tools and knowledge to be able to create that home practice, to be able to put in place true self care, to eat in a way that nourished me. I trained in Ayurveda which to me is the ultimate self care, and it works because its not a one size fits all, I had all the tools at my fingertips, yet still I found myself exhausted, depleted and uninspired.

So, I sought help, I saw a yoga therapist, I worked with an online mentor and I invested time in myself, but I couldn’t have done this on my own, there were several people who acted as mentors for me but not always in that official role. I started using the knowledge of Ayurveda to inform my self-care and my business. As my energy and inspiration returned I found I was being asked for advice from students and student teachers and could see many of them beginning to walk the same path I had just trod – I could see the road that lay ahead for them and so I started sharing my story, what I’d learned and was greeted with more and more women, student teachers, practitioners of yoga who all nodded in agreement and I saw how my story resonated with them.

Here in the UK there is very little offered post teacher training in way of support for newly qualified teachers, or student teachers whilst training – we are given all the tools how to teach a class, the anatomy, the health and safety but rarely are we given the tools on how to live life as a yoga teacher, how to thrive professionally, how to maintain our energy and inspiration in this unique, wonderful work that we do. I had learned through trial and error so I wanted to share all of this – the business side of yoga, the personal side, the essential self-care that is totally necessary. And so, Yogi Mentor was born.

There is so much advice out there on self care but with my training and experience in both Yoga and Ayurveda I am able to help you in a way that fits with you and your unique constitution. By seeing you as an individual I will start with reading your pulse – this gives me a clear idea of how you will work best as a yoga teacher, where your imbalances are therefore highlighting danger areas for you to watch out for (maybe over giving, disorganised etc) Ayurveda knowledge will help us together find your strengths and highlight areas of potential imbalance, once we know this we can design a self-care plan for you that will work because its as unique as you are, we will look at ways to help you make the most of your teaching career again in a way that is unique to you.

Yogi mentor sessions are whatever you need them to be – time to talk to an experienced teacher and ask advice on how to run a class, get a workshop going, how to set up online payments – the practical stuff.

They can be advice on how to manage your schedule, your energy. They can be 1-1 yoga sessions to design a practice that nourishes and inspires you.

They can be extra training “how can I go about introducing bandhas into my class”
What can I do about a difficult student?”

So if you feel you’d like some support please get in touch about booking a 1-1 Yogi Mentor session with me,